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Director Brian Kite

Scenic & Projection Designer Hakan Yoruk

Lighting Designer Jeff Behm

Costume Designer Marisa Melideo

"Rebel Genius is a new musical from creator Matthew Puckett based on the life of the young and highly ambitious Albert Einstein. The musical crashes physics and love into one another as Albert falls madly in love with Mileva Maric and then risks everything he has to find a perfect Unified Theory of the universe.


Rebel Genius is a contemporary exploration into the heart of an icon torn between great ambition and a passionate love for the people in his life."


Rebel Genius was a finalist for the 2017 Jonathan Larson Grant presented by The American Theater Wing. Readings have been presented in New York City by Atlantic Theater Company and in Los Angeles by IAMA Theater Company. The most recent reading in New York City featured Corey Cott and Hannah Elless in the lead roles.


Rebel Genius had its first full production presented by UCLA in Winter 2019 directed by Brian Kite.


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