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Director Jessie Lee

Cinematographer Hanwen Lei

Production Designer Hakan Yoruk

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“Aspiring novelist Sunny Zhao is stuck in a rut in her hotel room in Havana, Cuba. Just when she needs divine inspiration, her character, Beth, walks into her room. As Beth begins to question her travels, Sunny realizes the true nature of their relationship may be more than she expects.”


The set is built in one of sound stages of UCLA TFT as a part of Theater-Film Collaboration. Fully supported by both departments, the project includes four distinctively different short stories, that involve several students from multiple mediums such as screenwriting, directing, producing, cinematography, acting and design. I was the production designer for the anthology project for which the setting was described simply as “a hotel room in Havana, Cuba”.











During six months of its production, I was responsible with both the conceptualization and materialization of the project. Besides collaborating with several filmmaking students at UCLA, I also led a small crew as art department. 

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