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zeke's auto


Director Yiran Zhou

Cinematographer Vittoria Campaner

Production Designer Hakan Yoruk

“When Zeke, a car mechanic, experiences a mystical holistic light inside his car on a drivethru at McDonald’s, he decides to turn his auto body shop into a shrine and dedicate his life to spread the word as a prophet.

When Kate, a young and passionate newsreporter, visits his shrine to uncover the real truth beneath the surface and make his possible fraud visible for entire public, Zeke doesn’t have to do anything, but let her witness the presence with her own eyes.”


The short film is a part of UCLA Theeater-Film Collaboration, which includes four short films, that all set in an autobody shop. During the process, I served as set designer and took charge of drafting an autobody shop, which simply contains an office and a workspace. 

For this particular shoot, I was the production designer for this project and my team and I dressed the set heavily inspired by Tinguely’s mechanical sculptures. By referencing several shrines within multiple religions, we built an intricately decorated shrine made out of auto body parts.  

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