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Director Amanda Vincelli

Cinematographer Vittoria Campaner

Production Designer Hakan Yoruk

hygiena png.png

“Hygiena is a narrative loop centered on the interaction of a human and an AI humanoid. 


Taking place in an alternate reality, virtual space, or near future, Hygiena focuses on a ritualized maintenance procedure executed within the high- key lighting and commercial production values of what could be an advertisement, music video, or porn clip. A presumably biological human carefully cleans an android whose physical and sexual characteristics are mutable according to the human desires. “


femmebit festival



ros film festival


Shot in Navel LA, the project required several modification on the existing architecture within the location. The film also included several custom built props and furniture pieces such as a transparent bathtub and a silver / glass make-up unit. 

Emphasizing the nature of cleansing within the story, color palette centers around natural skin tones of actors. It also highlights several glossy / see-through surfaces in both set decoration and set design in order to help establishing its near-futuristic setting.

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